Please note that our founder membership offer has now ended. All future registrations will now be considered as regular memberships.

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Taking working out and fitness to a whole new level never seen in Gibraltar. Inspirational facilities from the moment you walk in.
We cater for all ages and fitness levels. Support from day one with nutritional advice and tailored workouts designed for your personal fitness goals.


Full free weight area, designated squat and deadlift zone.
Specialised equipment focusing on Glutes and Legs for women.
Equipment that will cater for all fitness and strength levels.
Studio with over 40 classes a week including, Zumba, TRX, Yoga, Pilates with
Springboard and much more.
Full Cardio area with Treadmills,
Stair Masters, Air Bikes, Ellipticals, rowing machines and much more.
In house, fully qualified sports therapist.


Members will download our Physique Gym app giving them access to a multitude of options

Reserve your favourite studio classes.

Log your workouts.

Diet plans and nutritional advice.

Training programs.

Book a personal trainer.

Scan barcodes on machines for a video tutorial of how to use machine correctly.

Book a therapist.

Gym access.

Gym community chat, find out what other members are up to, latest news and upcoming seminars and events, also a great platform to interact with other gym members.


Fully stocked on all your nutritional supplements and requirements covering all ages and fitness goals.

Unique only at Physique Gym are our supplement packages where, depending on your age and personal goals, we will put together (in one box) all the supplements you truly require saving you time and money on many useless products on the market.

We will have Mass building packages, cutting (diet) packages for men and women. Men over-40 packages will cover your muscle building needs but will also include testosterone boosters, prostate health, joint support, skin care and more. Our packages are made out specifically for your needs by our fully trained staff and nutritionist. No more having to worry if you are using the correct supplements and wasting money on supplements that you do not require.

We are proud to be working in collaboration with Muscle Bakery and their amazing array of sweet but healthy treats. We will also stock delicious protein bars , brownies, healthy crisps, low fat/low sugar ice creams to mention a few.

Our delicious snacks can be incorporated into your diet plan so that you can enjoy a snack without worrying about consequences.



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Gym Overview 

The main floor area will be equipped with state-of-the-art machines that will extensively and safely enable you to work any muscle group in a comfortable and safe position. The bespoke machinery is designed for men and women of all fitness and strength levels. Let’s face it not everyone is young or injury free.

So this is why machines are also an essential part of any gym. They have the experience to know how hard it is to keep to a healthy lifestyle and go into the gym to do the same workouts over and over, this is not only boring but demotivating.

At Physique Gym they intend to provide the tools and the equipment to give you the variety needed to be able to motivate your mind and challenge your body.

Ladies will be especially happy with “the Glute Lab” located outside the studio. The incredible kick-back machine and the selectorized plate-loaded hip thrust machine will definitely build amazing glutes.

No more fighting with uncomfortable barbells or fiddling around with annoying cables. They will also have an abductor and an adductor machine, advanced pendulum squat, 90 degree leg press amongst many others.

Guys will love the chest, back and shoulders machines especially the biceps and triceps blasting machines which are comfortable and extremely effective, favourites of the pros.

A separate cardiovascular area, with all you would expect and more, is provided and a fabulous studio with over forty classes a week from rehabilitating pilates and yoga to fitball, TRX, step and more.


We plan on inspiring and motivating you from the moment you walk in, helping you get on your way and supplying you with a tailored workout and nutritional plan.
Our team consists of a highly qualified Fitness Manager, qualified Personal Trainers, Gym Monitors, Massage and Rehabilitation Therapist, Nutritionist and qualified Yoga Instructor.

The moment you walk in you know you are in the right place to fulfil your personal goals. Not only will you be inspired by the state-of-the-art equipment and setup, but also by the decor and professional staff at hand to help you with anything you need.

Let Physique Gym help you achieve your goals. How would you like to feel this summer, fit or jealous? So come work hard in silence, let success make all the noise!